Welcome to Hajoca – Pompano Beach, FL
your go-to destination for all your Plumbing Equipment & Supply needs!

Welcome to Hajoca in Pompano Beach, FL – your go-to destination for all your plumbing supply needs! Our brand new location is conveniently located at 1551 N. Powerline Road, STE A2, Pompano Beach, FL , and we’re excited to serve the local community with our extensive inventory and expert staff.

So why choose Hajoca in Pompano Beach?

We offer:

  • A vast inventory of plumbing and industrial supplies
  • Expert staff with decades of experience in the industry
  • Exceptional customer service and support
  • Competitive pricing and special deals
  • Convenient location and hours

History Of

Hajoca Corporation

In 1858, one enterprising individual invested his life savings of $200 to start a business grinding key stops for plumbers in Philadelphia. More than 150 continuous years of service later, that business is known as Hajoca Corporation. Hajoca has a robust history of helping to shape advances in plumbing. But we attribute our success to two simple truths – a unique business philosophy and talented people.

In the early days, Hajoca operated as a wholesale distributor of plumbing and heating supplies to contractors and retailers. As the business grew, Hajoca expanded into new territories and added new product lines. By the turn of the century, the company had established a reputation for quality service and had become one of the leading plumbing supply houses in the United States.

In 1927, the company changed its name to Hajoca Corporation, which stands for “Haines, Jones & Cadbury”. During the following decades, Hajoca continued to expand its product offerings and geographic reach. Today, Hajoca is the largest privately held wholesale distributor of plumbing, heating, and industrial supplies in the United States, with over 400 locations in 42 states. The company’s success is built on a commitment to customer service, a strong company culture, and a focus on continuous improvement.

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Smart Solutions that Make Water Work Better

We’ve developed an array of product improvements that help you experience water differently. From pulldown sprayers that provide seamless functionality to surfaces that repel minerals and stains, you’ll find these advances to be more than smart. They are Pure Genius.

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Limitless PROtential. Mainline is “Preferred by the Pros.”

Mainline plumbing products are a reliable and trusted choice for professionals and homeowners alike. With a wide range of plumbing products, including pipes, fittings, valves, and fixtures, Mainline offers durable and long-lasting solutions for all your plumbing needs.

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